Follow The Leader F.T.L

Sundays are by far my favourite day of the week.

My usual routine is to wake up relatively early (for a Sunday anyway) and then go out for breakfast with one of my great friends.
It has definately become a weekly ritual that we love – finding new cafes that supply the coffee we prefer and the fresh food that we value.

Last week we went to a place called Follow The Leader (F.T.L) in Ripponlea.
It’s a great little cafe with a cosy setting.

 At the start we sat up at the window bench until a table was available and met Coffea 🙂

ftl 7 edit ftl 6

This was my delicious breakfast – eggs of course!

ftl 5 edit

Must have coffee…

ftl 4 edit

Love the wall paper!

ftl 3 edit

An interesting and quirky way to store magazines and newspapers – on the rungs of a ladder!

ftl 1 edit

& that was another successful Sunday breakfast expedition.

Afterwards we sometimes go and do something else – last Sunday we went to the Round She Goes Pre-Loved Market to visit a friend who had a stall there.
We found it difficult to save our dollars as there were so many great things to buy. $$$
Strategically we didnt bring any cash, and eftpos wasn’t an option.
After looking around , seeing our friend and vowing to come back next time with money we went back to my place and had a bit of a guitar/singing session.
It was a lot of fun!


and that was Sunday.


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