Sustainable Sunday


I had a wonderful weekend & decided to share it with you guys.
It started off with breakfast with Bethany at Fitzrovia, now on my list of favourite breakfast spots!
I stuck with my favourtie of eggs and was pleasantly surprised with the deliciousness of the meal.
Here is a picture ↓↓


This is Beth with her zucchini & haloumi fritters engaging in one of her favourite activities, egg poking!IMG_1947

I thought this was an interesting photo of the waitress walking away.



On the way out $$. I love the glass, vase like lights.


Then it was time to venture off into the Melbourne heat (35 degrees) to the Sustainable Living Festival, which was held along the Yarra River beside Federation Square.
There were so many inspiring ideas presented here, we were impressed.
If you saw my previous post on the Gratitude Box that was also at this festival.


My love of flowers was definitely satisfied here, there were so many beautiful presented little flower decorations and hanging baskets. I wanted to buy them all!


This was an artwork, awareness type wall that all different people could add to.



What do you want to do before you die?
live in a renewable county? give back? look out for animal welfare?


You really had to work for your smoothie at the Bike & Blend stall.
The idea is simple, the blender is powered by your pedaling, eliminating the need for electricity!




My favourite hanging flowers of the day.


Me trying Beth’s Coconut. Delish!

Picture 1

After we’d looked at all that was on offer we sat by the Yarra with our coconut and organic icy-pole and enjoyed the coolness of the shade and the peacefulness of the river.


This was an art installation at Fed Square that we had a look at. It is made entirely out of sticks – pretty awesome!


and that was the end of our Sunday adventure.
Where ever you are in the world – what did you guys do this past weekend?


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