The art of ink


If you’re anything like me you can appreciate a handwritten letter.
There’s something about the time and thought put into a written letter that just isn’t the same as a 1 popping up in your email inbox.
Sure emails can be lovely, quick and very convenient but they lack that sense of personalisation.

I love coming home to find mail that’s not from a bank or advertising. Mail that has come from any number of places around the world. Such letters remind me of my travels and great friends that I don’t get to see in my daily life.
Don’t get me wrong though, i’d also love a letter from someone i see everyday!

To compliment my love for written mail i like to personalise it with ink stamps.
I recently purchased some stamps of ETSY – from the store Ppappappiyo –
Im very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this seller 🙂

The photos are of my purchase.






If you too like the idea of written mail –
Write someone you love a letter today…
& send some simple happiness their way.


8 thoughts on “The art of ink

  1. OMG i loooove stamps! I really have to limit myself and not pick up all the cute stamps I see and want to buy or i wouuld live in a box on the street and own nothing but stamps and neon inks! I totally agree – written (real) mail is the greatest and it shows you actually took the time and effort to write – it’s worth way more than several emails!

    I’m living in Japan now, and my grandparents don’t use computers, so my grandmother writes me letters and even though I have to read it several times before I can understand it all, and they are the best!!

      • Sorry I took so long to reply! I was studying for my driving test & then spilled a drink on my keyboard! Yes, living in Gifu Prefecture now, moving closer to Nagoya in March… I love living here and I don’t want to leave! I am learning Japanese! If you write me, I will write you back, but the only stamp I have at the moment is a little うんこ!:D lol so I will have to make use of some other cute supplies!

  2. melissa, would you recommend any places to learn japanese in melbourne city? I know about japaneasy on russel st and wondering if you had any advice, i loved my time in japan and having just got back i want to learn some japanese so im better equipped next time i visit!

    • Actually when I learnt Japanese it was a Japaneasy. That is a great school. There is also The Melbourne Japanese School, I have never been there though.

      I think it really depends on your budget and what/how you want to learn. Do you know any Japanese?

      I’m currently teaching one of my friends Japanese and if you think private tutoring is something you’d be interested in I would be happy to teach you at times that fit in with your schedule 🙂

      I have completed JLPT N4, have a diploma of languages in Japanese and spent 6 months studying in Japan last year. I’m not fluent but I feel confident I can teach you Japanese. Alternatively there are quite a few tutors listed on the internet.

      Hope this was helpful!
      Melissa 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply, yea I would mostly be interested in speaking and everyday conversing, I’m thinking about that conversation class at Japaneasy. I know some basic sentences and am working on memorizing hiragana and katakana. My main goal is to be able to converse at a basic level to people when I am in Japan come June this year.

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