Kolourful Kyoto

Excuse the typo in the heading but I like alliteration.

As most of you would know I spent a large chunk of this year in Japan – I was living in beautiful Kyoto.
Today I’ve been thinking about it so I decided to post a blog 🙂

I took the colourful photo above on my way home one day.
I was surrounded by so many cute and well kept gardens in Kyoto.
I loved looking at them and finding something new!
One day when i have my own house I hope to have a garden like the ones in Japan.

I found the house below one day while riding my bike. I call it my ‘Dream House’.
To me it seems like a real life dolll-house and  I’d love to live in it!
When we first begain classes, I was asked to to write something in Japanese about the future, i wrote about this house and how one day I would live here…

Fushimi Inari
I was in awe at this place when i first visited.
Thousands of red gates line a path that takes you on a cultural journey around a mountain.

I’ve posted about this wonderful place previously.
All is I can say is if you want to see ‘Beautiful Japan’ you should visit Arashiyama.

A mini, not to mention old fashioned confectionery store.

My street.

What different places have you lived in?


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