Macaron Lovin’ – マカロン好きです

Macarons seem to have become incredibly popular.

Above is a photo I took at a cute little French Bakery in Kyoto, Japam.

I must admit at first I was hesitant to jump on the bandwagon for these colourful sweets – and didn’t try one until recently when I was out with a friend who convinced me of their delicious-ness.

I’ve now tried a few different ones and LOVE them.

To be honest im quite fascinated as to how these beauties are made.
So soft, held together so well and usually with a smooth filling.

Here is a photo I took of a Vanilla Macaron bought from a cute cafe near my house.

I will one day endeavour to make Macarons myself.
I’m just not sure my cooking abilities are up to the challenge.
Does anyone have a recipe to recommend?


5 thoughts on “Macaron Lovin’ – マカロン好きです

  1. I have a book on how to make them and it’s very complicated. You need a lot of specialised equipment, according to the book. It has scared me off trying to make them. My mother used to make them in a way similar to tiny meringues though, but I think the filling is also complicated.

    My favourites are the salted caramel ones from a cafe in Bourke Street, but they are expensive so it is only on special occasions!

    • Thanks for the heads up Antina! I thought that might be the case about the special equipment, especially since you need to pipe the mixture !
      I’ll have to try the ones on Bourke Street one time 🙂

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