100 Days In Melbourne

I cant believe it but been back in Good Old Melbourne Town now for just over three and a half months.

That’s 14 weeks; and 100 days !

Since I’ve been back a lot has happened.

I’ve found a full time job.
Read four books.
Found a love for all things Playmobil.
Made my dog Gracie-Dee remember me & adore me again.
Earned a GOLD star on ebay
Rekindled old friendships.
Started teaching a friend Japanese
Celebrated a few birthdays
Been to many cafes
& drank a lot of coffee.

This time last year i did a blog post on my sisters birthday.

 Just last weekend, the once a year event that is her birthday visited us again.
We went out for lunch to a Mexican Resturant in St. Kilda called Blue Corn.
Afterwards we joined the masses at the St.Kilda Market and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather the day had given us.

Here are some photos from the day…

Enjoying the sunshine with the birthday girl.

Blue Corn, St.Kilda

Luna Park, St.Kilda

The St. Kilda Market

I purchased one thing.
This one thing compliments my love of original looking jewellery – something one of a kind that no-one else has an exact copy of. It’s a spoon necklace with the words “Never Give Up” printed on it.

Until next time…


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