The other side of Sayonara

It’s hard to believe that so long ago i posted this exact photo when fare-welling Melbourne for my Japanese adventure.
That adventure has now come to and end and sadly i must say goodbye to Japan.

This blog contains some of my favourite photos from my time here. There are a lot but i really couldnt cut it down anymore.
Hopefully through these photos you can get an idea about the beauty of Japan that i’ve been lucky enough experience over the past few months.

The bamboo forest in Arashiyama

Sakura in Kyoto

Sunset in Osaka

Sushi Train – a must do in Japan

Shoppers in Osaka

Kyoto Tower

Fushimi Inari

Interesting buildings in Kobe



SAYONARA. Until next time Japan….


5 thoughts on “The other side of Sayonara

  1. The buildings in Kobe, was there a smattering in that neighborhood or were there just those three? In Kobe, did you encounter as incongruous buildings as you could find in Oosaka, or is there an obviously different architectural feel in the two cities? Currently, the only reason I have to visit Kobe (and it’s good enough) is food.

    • Kobe has a lot of European influence so there were a few buildings like this around the place. It has a very different feel to Osaka in my opinion. There is also a great China Town in there, so i’m told. Unfortunately i wasnt able to get there on my one day trip.
      But Kobe is definitely a place worth visiting if you get the chance!

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