Mystical Miyajima

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful Miyajima.

Here you’ll  find the famous floating torii gate, Japanese deer wondering the streets freely, several traditional shops and, a spiritual & free feeling.

Below are some of the many photos I took throughout the day…

This was some art work placed in the station you pass through to get to the ferry that takes you over to the island.

One of the many deer that attacked our map of the island – they are rather aggressive!

The torii in all its glory.

The many greens of Miyajima.

A few years back when i was at Miyajima, i visited a beautiful little shop that sold the little ornaments pictured below. The shop is still there and still selling the cute, happy figures that each represent something different. These include; prosperity, health, happiness, appreciation & luck. I have a set sitting on my window at home.
Had a fantastic day exploring Miyajima & hope to go back again sometime in the future !

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