Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.

Japan is known for being a particularly safe country.
It’s generally okay to assume that if you leave your bag somewhere for a minute when you return it’ll still be there.

There are however, some exceptions to this rule. Namely UMBRELLAS.

During rainy season, its rains a lot! and for long periods of time. If you leave your umbrella out the front of a building, or anywhere for that matter, you’ll probably be left to battle the rain by yourself.

I often think about the ‘life’ of an average umbrella in Japan. This may say strange but let me explain.

So you go out for a drink with your friends, it’s raining, and you leave your umbrella in the designated stand by the door. Upon leaving you find that your umbrella isn’t there anymore but there is a similar one, so you decided to take that one with you and go on your way. Who took your umbrella and where will it end up? Who’s umbrella have you taken? I think it would be so interesting to track this and make a story about it. But yes, nobody actually admits that they umbrella they have is not actually theirs!

The rainy season is not much fun! 雨季は楽しくない!


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