Let’s Eat. いただきます!

You can find some interesting things in Japan when it comes to food.


Everytime i go to the supermarket i see something new and sometimes unusual to me.


At festivals in Japan there is always lots of delicious food stalls called yatai.


This is okonomiyaki and yaki soba noodles. They cook it right in front of you and you can share an evening of delicious food with friends.


The Japanese love desserts. This was the ice-cream at one of the sushi train restaurants i visited in Kyoto.


Mini okonomiyaki in Kyoto near the Philosophers Path. They way they cook these really is an art.

In Japan green tea flavour is everywhere. They call it Matcha. You can get match everything from ice-cream, to chocolate, drinks and buns.

Personally i love the hot-cakes they serve. So delicious! ↓


I also found a hot-cake flavoured chocolate! It too is delicious but of course not as good as the real thing!

Im sure you can recognise this brand ↓↓

Melon Pan & Coffee

The sushi train restaurant. Here the sushi circulates the restaurant and as one that you fancy passes your table you simply take it and enjoy!

So in all ive really enjoyed seeing new things and food in Japan. Every time i go out i get to experience something new (^_^)/

What do you think of Japanese food?


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