This is a post about a few little things, it has no specific order or significance i just felt i hadnt blogged for too long and i have lots to say!

Last weekend a group of us rode our bikes to Arashiyama to celebrate a good friends birthday!
We had a picnic by the river and then went to the monkey park. ^_^
It was a great day!

This is one of the supermarkets near where i live right now. It is the cheapest one, so most of us visit here frequently

In Japan, i ride my bike to school everyday. Although at times it can be tiring im enjoying the change from driving for an hour and a half just to get uni. I really like riding to get around. Here is a photo of us outside Ritsumeikan on our bikes..

Last weekend after Arashiyama we went to a crazy gaming center! it was really interesting to see the different games and strange things that you can do…

One day after school we walked the Golden Pavilion.
I’d been here before about 4 years ago, i got a very different impression this time. I think its because i’ve seen a lot more of Japan now. None the less it was still a beautiful sight.

Close your eyes & make a wish…

Today im going to Osaka so perhaps i’ll update you on that soon!


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