Sayonara. See Ya Later. Japan Awaits!

Tomorrow I leave for Japan.

So i’m getting ready to say goodbye, or maybe just see ya later.

Once I finish packing ill be ready to launch into the exciting adventure that awaits me.

Before go to go to university i’m doing a bit of travel (about a week) around Osaka and Kyoto.
Fingers crossed for no rain!!
I have lots of plans; whether or not we will actually do them is another story. Have to wait and see!

But i’m definitely looking foward to seeing the cherry blossom. ^-^

It’s getting pretty exciting now that my suitcase it out of storage and filled with stuff i think ill need for the next little while.

I’m not really sure what the next 5 months will entail...but i kind of like that.

明日はオーストラリアから日本に行きます 。

大学に行く前に大阪と京都 に旅行します。




Japan awaits…


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